Pre-Production Idu Entha Lokavayya

This is the place where i met and discussed with my actors and IEl team in the final stage of pre-productiion, this was around 2017 August… many of our characters i got know here felt like characters were real and reel like for me and met them all here…i was searching suitable team mates & actors who were in around..met many, discussed lot, about cinema and many other interesting things… there were times where i pretended like i forgot to offer refreshments as my pocket was very small to feed 😄 as much as fifteen to twenty people’s whom i … Continue reading Pre-Production Idu Entha Lokavayya

Christopher Nolan: Directing Tips and Quotes from Nolan’s Interviews

How do you learn from a director like Christopher Nolan? You can watch his films, or listen to the points he makes during filmmaking interviews. We took the best Christopher Nolan quotes from various interviews. Then we compiled a video with examples from his films, so that way you can perfectly understand the directing tips he gives in each interview. Curious to learn more? Click and read Continue reading Christopher Nolan: Directing Tips and Quotes from Nolan’s Interviews

This is the World – Idu Entha Lokavayya

Sharing this new poster..while we are in final pace of the project….iam working hard from last year to present this movie in front of you…your support and sharing is important for us, let’s your friends know about this upcoming Kannada Movie Idu Entha Lokavayya (ಇದು ಎಂಥ ಲೋಕವಯ್ಯ) A Film by Sithesh C Govind Continue reading This is the World – Idu Entha Lokavayya

Senses of Cinema

“We’re all children of Kubrick, aren’t we? Is there anything you can do that he hasn’t done?” Paul Thomas Anderson Stanley Kubrick (1927-1999) passed away twenty years ago – on March 7, 1999 – while in the process of completing post-production on Eyes Wide Shut (1999), leaving his grand oeuvre somewhat unfinished.In essence, the fabled perfectionist and obsessive master had worked himself to death. But his death also came just as the ‘reunited’ world was lapsing, faster and faster, into globalization, a far cry from the prophecies of 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968) – for better or for worse. Kubrick’s … Continue reading Senses of Cinema

The Poster Designs of Satyajit Ray

There are few filmmakers as versatile as India’s own Satyajit Ray – the mastermind behind the beloved Apu Series, the world of the fan-favourite detective Feluda and the genre of Parallel Cinema in India While we have already talked about one of his lesser-known – but equally fascinating – identities as a graphic designer in a previous article, it is interesting to note that across his career as a visual artist, Ray created original fonts for the English as well as the Bengali script. Satyajit Ray was a graphic designer long before he was a filmmaker – a secret well … Continue reading The Poster Designs of Satyajit Ray

Proud to be Nillionaire :)

Sometime things doesn’t happen as we wish, they’ll happen to suit your needs, may be a creative person go through on funnier and lighter part 🙂 struggle and juggle between Life and Pure Art. The character from #ToLet goes through all the Chaos of life nothing less than mirror image of anybody’s situation, to sum up all well – that ends well. Proud to be Nillionaire. 😃😃 #ToLet #Chezhiyan #Nillionaire #iduenthalokavayyakannadamovie #iel #iduenthalokavayya Continue reading Proud to be Nillionaire 🙂

DRISHYAM – Where is the JUSTICE..Hopes CBI land up soon..:)

Complications in relations, love stories, gang wars, terrorism, gunadism, political, crime, horror, gay, lesbian, sperm donor, motion… One of my close friend asked recently about DRISHYAM Concept, is an exceptional story combined with bravo performances. Felt it was written in a simple way with a simple plot was there any hidden message to cover up crime or any moral message made me think over and again. Ultimately, a film is a product; it has to be good enough for audience count on quality movie. Wonder if, how producers would say yes for such unethical thing, also wonder how this concept … Continue reading DRISHYAM – Where is the JUSTICE..Hopes CBI land up soon..:)

This Is Why Regional Films are Almost Always Successful at Crowdfunding

Regional films happen to not only put the country on the global film radar by taking the international film festival circuit by storm, they also make excellent crowdfunding candidates. We’ve learnt that such films are not only encouraged, but also happily funded by the crowds. Therefore, we scurried back to our desks to analyze what are the factors that make regional language films the perfect candidate for successful crowdfunding. They tell unique and unheard of stories In a land as vast as India, the cultural landscape is like a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting as one moves from city to city, state to … Continue reading This Is Why Regional Films are Almost Always Successful at Crowdfunding